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Solvle is a puzzle game that has the opposite gameplay to regular wordle games. You will be the one to create the puzzle for the program to decode it.

In Solvle, you will have control over your game. With regular Wordle games, the player will be the one who has to decode the mysterious words provided by the program with a limited number of tries. After each try, the player will know the accuracy of each letter in the word through the color change, then the player must change the arrangement of the letters to find the exact mystery word. But in this game, the roles of the player and the creator of the program will change. You will be the one creating the program, giving them suggested information for them to predict. After they finish guessing, you just need to click on each word box to change the color of the letters, corresponding to their level of accuracy. Their job is to guess what you mean.

In terms of rules, Solvle is still an addictive Wordle game with simple gameplay. The main colors that indicate the level of accuracy in this game are still green, yellow and gray. Green letters are letters that are present in the word and are in the correct position. Yellow letters are letters that are present in the word but located in a different position. Find words that contain this letter but located in another position. Gray letters are letters that do not appear in the word, please change them again. Are you ready? Play now!

How to play

Use the mouse to play

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