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Connections Unlimited

Work Your Brain with This Lovely Word Puzzle!

Connections Game is an intriguing puzzle game in which you rearrange 16 words into groups of four. In order to complete the puzzle, players must find out the connection between certain words. Beware, though; there are words with multiple meanings that can throw you into confusion!

After choosing four words, players can check if they all fit into a group, which is commonly referred to as a “category”. Categories can appear in various forms, ranging from a group of slow animals to palindromes (words that can be spelled forward and backward in the same way, such as “kayak” and “radar”). You will need to muster every ounce of your brain to complete the Connections Game!

Each day, a brand new puzzle is made available online, making Connections Game a great way to begin your morning (or to end your day, in case you are an early bird and wake up before the game gets updated). If one isn’t enough, you can play unlimited games and hone your skills along with the puzzle of the day!

Connections Game - a Spiritual Successor to the Popular Game Wordle

If you are a long-time fan of Wordle and just recently discovered Connections Game, chances are that you have noticed how similar yet different these two games are. Both games revolve around words and letters, and the excitement of completing the puzzle is immeasurable. However, the longer you play, the more you notice the distinct characteristics that make Worldle and Connections Game two very different puzzle games.

To begin with, in Wordle, players can only consider 5-letter words and submit them to see if any letter belongs to the desired word. There are six attempts available, and the game drops hints after each word guessed. Even if you do not have the right word yet, at least you know which letters are not in the desired word and whether the letters are in the right position. In the Connections Unlimited Game, players are instead tasked with sorting existing words into groups that share something in common. The game allows only four wrong combinations and offers no further hints.

Another interesting difference between these two games is the range of words used. While Wordle strictly adheres to 5-letter words with concrete meanings, Connections Game has a broader word range. There is no letter restriction in Connections Unlimited Game, and the categories are much more diverse. For instance, a previous category consisted of square names in the Monopoly board game. Another category listed out famous rappers’ names (and as we all know, rappers’ names can be literally anything).

How To Play

Upon opening the game, there will be a grid of 4x4, consisting of 16 words in total. The player’s role is to find combinations of four words to form a group that shares something in common. A group, or a category, can have different forms, and it’s up to the player to deduce the possible category name. Here are examples of categories:

  • Slow animals: loris, sloth, snail, tortoise
  • Worldly sins: envy, greed, lust, pride

Notice how “sloth” can fit into both categories? This is how Connections Game tricks you into forming the wrong groups!

After making your choice of four words, click on “Submit” to check if they belong to the same category. The category’s name will be displayed if the player guesses it right. On the other hand, players only have four wrong attempts before failing the puzzle. The game’s difficulty is automatically set to “Medium”, but you can also opt for other difficulties instead. To begin a new round, choose “Start New Game” to have a different set of words.


  • The puzzle is complete after you manage to sort all the words into relevant groups without making more than four mistakes.
  • Each category can only consist of four words.
  • Categories are more specific than something like “4-letter words”, “Adjectives” or “Names”. Regardless, it takes a lot of deduction to guess the category right!
  • Each category is assigned a different color. The brighter the color, the more straightforward the category.


  • Enrich your vocabulary with this fun puzzle game! 
  • A gentle brain-teaser that requires both logical deduction and creative thinking.
  • A brand new puzzle is available every day, but you can have unlimited games along with the puzzle of the day!
  • Each game only takes minutes to complete. Challenge yourself to complete the puzzle as fast as possible with the elapsed timer displayed above!
  • Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard—catering for both new and veteran players!

Tips and Tricks

  • Begin with monosemous words first: Monosemy refers to words with only one meaning. These words are your best bet if you want to guess a category right.
  • Connections Game may be tricking you: Sometimes, you can see many words that seem to be in the same category right off the bat. However, it’s highly likely that the game is trying to trick you! Check each word carefully to see if it can fit in other categories.
  • Think of the possible categories: As the game stated, a category needs to be more specific than something like “5-letter words”, so try to be more detailed. For example, there are multiple words that refer to “weather”, but with more deduction, they turn out to be in the “wet weather” category. This is especially helpful when your fourth word has multiple meanings.
  • Practice with different levels of difficulty: If you are new to the game, you can try out the easiest games in order to get used to the gameplay. For extra brain-teasing, you can increase the difficulty for more complicated categories.

Benefits of Playing Connections Game

  • A quick brain workout session: Did you know that you have to utilize both halves of the brain to solve Connections Game? The left part of your brain is responsible for analysis and logical thought processes, while the other part is in charge of creative thinking. Puzzle games like Connections Game are best suited for giving your brain exercise.
  • Delay dementia and Alzheimer’s with mental stimulation: Playing Connections Game can help keep your mind active and healthy, which helps reduce the risk of cognitive decline in old age. In addition, the sooner you incorporate puzzle games into your daily life, the less chance you have of developing the aforementioned illnesses.
  • Hone your problem-solving skills: In Connections Game, you can only afford four wrong guesses, which means you have to consider each word combination carefully. When doing this, you are actually training to be a strategic and resolute thinker. The good part is, you can apply this skill to every aspect of your life, especially in the workplace. That’s why you should play Connections Game on a daily basis!
  • A healthy dose of dopamine for your brain: Whenever you play games with puzzle elements, dopamine gets released in the brain. This chemical not only contributes to feelings of happiness and optimism but also affects cognitive processes such as memory, learning, concentration, and motivation. This also explains why you get so much satisfaction after completing each puzzle. 
  • Increase your polysemy vocabulary collection: Polysemy refers to a word with more than one meaning - a crucial aspect of Connections Game. Play frequently to be a master of word manipulation!

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Happy gaming!

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