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Do you want to challenge your crossword puzzle solving skills? Play Polydle to decode 5 mysterious words at the same time. It has no limits on attempts.

Polydle is a grid Wordle game. Like games like Dordle 2, players will have to decode multiple mystery words at the same time in the same guess. When you start playing, the screen will be divided into several grids. In each guess, the player will enter a 5-letter word. It will appear on all grids simultaneously and shows the accuracy of each letter in all 5 words corresponding to each grid. This game will have a higher difficulty than crossword puzzle games in general and Wordle games in particular because it requires players to have more agile thinking ability, along with a comprehensive, comprehensive perspective. can.

In Polydle, players can choose how many grids they want to tackle simultaneously. The greater the number of grids, the higher the difficulty of the game. The maximum number of grid panels chosen is 2315 grids. You have unlimited tries, no limit. The difficulty of the game itself is a challenge for your patience, so you need to be calm throughout the puzzle solving process. Take your time and use the hints given after each guess of the game to find the correct word. Like other Wordle games, the green letter still symbolizes absolute accuracy, meaning that the letter is in the correct position and appears in the word. The yellow letter symbolizes relative accuracy. It appears in the word but in a different position. Gray letters do not appear in the word. Please change it again to get an accurate prediction. Play now!

How to play

Use the mouse to play

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