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Dawdl is a word game in which players must use their extensive vocabulary to decode mysterious words consisting of 4 to 11 letters.

In Dawdl, players will be able to choose the length of the mystery word. Its minimum length is 4 letters, maximum is 11 letters. Players can manually drag it to adjust the length accordingly. The more letters, the higher its difficulty.

When you start playing Dawdl, the game will only show a single row. After the first guess, if your prediction is wrong, the next blank row will appear for you to continue predicting. Besides, after each guess, the player will also know the accuracy of the prediction through the color change in the game and know the number of possible cases corresponding to the provided hint. equals the number to the right of the prediction.

Dawdl is also a Wordle game so it's still based on the rules of that game. The majority of colors displayed after each prediction are mainly green, yellow and gray. The green letters are letters that are in the correct position and appear in the word. The yellow letters are letters in the wrong position. Gray letters do not appear in the word. However, the difference in this game is that it has an additional red color. It will appear when your next prediction does not match the suggestions the game provided in the previous prediction. Besides, in this game, a mystery word can contain only one or more of the same letters. So it's more interesting and also more difficult. But if you are a smart person or very patient, you will definitely be able to decode them. Are you ready? Play now!

How to play

Use the mouse to play

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